What Are the Benefits of Working as a Mobile Notary

If you are thinking of changing careers or finding another job, becoming a mobile notary can seem like a good idea. Notaries work as a vital line of defense against fraud, identity theft, and coercion, which is essential for protecting consumers and state interests.

Mobile notaries travel to a designated location to witness and authenticate the signing of some of the most important documents. The great thing about this job is that the demand for mobile notaries has skyrocketed in the last few years. Although millions of Americans currently serve as mobile notaries, the need for convenient notarizations is increasing.

If you are considering becoming a mobile notary, read on to discover some of the most common benefits of this profession.

1. You Get to Set Your Own Schedule

The main perk of working as a mobile notary is enjoying a flexible work schedule. You can set your working hours and not work when you don’t want to.

Some people do a standard 9-5 schedule, five days a week. Others only work in the evenings, as most people who need notarial services often request them after regular working hours. So, having a day for yourself and then working in the evening is the preferred choice for some people.

Others don’t have a set schedule, and they just go with the flow. The important thing is not to fall into the trap of overworking yourself. You need to set at least one day off every week, so you don’t burn out.

2. It’s Perfect for Additional Income

Being a mobile notary is a great choice if you are not looking for a full-time job but something to make additional income. For instance, if you work an office job, you can take on clients as a mobile notary in the afternoon or evening.

Most states regulate how much you can charge per notarizing one signature. However, when you work as a mobile notary, you are allowed to charge for travel fees, supplies, and other expenses. So, being a part-time mobile notary can be lucrative.

3.It Improves Your Resume

Even if you don’t want to work as a mobile notary for too long, becoming one can improve your resume. Some industries like real estate, finance, legal, and others require notary services at all times. So, getting certified can improve your skill set, boost your resume, and increase your value as a future employee in these industries.

4. You Get to Help the Community

The state government appoints mobile notaries to act as impartial witnesses while signing important documents. They prevent fraud and coercion by ensuring that these transactions follow the rules and regulations.

So, by becoming a mobile notary, you get to protect people in your community. In addition, many mobile notaries organize lower-cost or free notary services for those who can’t afford them.

5. Working With Integrity Signers

If you have decided to become a mobile notary, the next step would be to join a mobile notary agency, as this has many benefits. Integrity Signers has a huge network of professional notaries you can join. You just need to have the same core values.

So if the words integrity, care, trust, and professionalism resonate with your goals, feel free to get in touch and register with us.