What You Need to Employ a Mobile Notary

Title agencies and real estate companies often hire mobile notary agencies to improve their business and delegate paperwork signings. Doing this can significantly help ease your workload.

When employing a mobile notary, the last thing you need is a complicated process and a lot of paperwork. Luckily, Integrity Signers have a straightforward sign-up process that can be completed in minutes.

Getting Started

Mobile notary agencies usually have a website where you can easily sign up for their services. Some may require a phone call to set things up, but most companies allow you to finish everything with a few clicks on your laptop or mobile phone.

Setting up an account is easy, and all you have to do is put in a few personal details like your name, your company info, and your contact information. After that, you are ready to employ a mobile notary.

Mobile Notary Signing Agency

Employing a Mobile Notary

Other mobile notary agencies may have different requirements, but here is what you need to start The Signature Experience with Integrity Signers.

  • The full name of your customer.
  • Contact information of your customer such as cell, work, and home number.
  • Signing location, including a complete address with a Zip Code.
  • Signing date that works for your customer
  • Desired time 
  • General file number (Escrow/General file number)
  • A transaction type such as Refinance, Buyer Side Only, Seller Side Only, etc.

Next Steps

Once the mobile notary agency receives all the details, they reach out to you to send a confirmation. Then, they contact your customer to make sure that the signing date and time are appropriate. 

You can continue with your usual business, as a mobile notary goes to the location makes sure that all signatures are valid and procedures are followed. Once everything is notarized, the documents are sent back to you.

How to Find a Mobile Notary

Integrity Signers offers an exclusive Signature Experience, with exceptional customer care, accuracy, and professionalism on each step. All you have to do is schedule a signer with us today, and you can leave the rest to our highly-competent agents.