Safety Tips for Mobile Signing Agents

Traveling to unfamiliar locations and meeting people is a part of everyday life for mobile notaries and signing agents. Because of that, they must always think about their safety and take precautions to protect themselves. Here are some essential tips you need to follow to keep you safe while traveling and meeting your clients.

1. Become Familiar with the Neighborhood

Most mobile notaries operate in an area where they feel comfortable. If you schedule an appointment and are unfamiliar with a signing location, you should take some time to go to a site and familiarize yourself with it.

You can ask yourself several questions like:

  • Are there any safety concerns with a location?
  • Is it a safe neighborhood?
  • Are there any busy spots nearby?

If the area seems too isolated, suggest a more public place. Some good locations include coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, or other public spots where you feel comfortable.

2. Let Someone You Trust Know Where You’re Going

Sharing your calendar with a friend, coworker, or family member is an excellent idea. Make sure to include addresses and contact info of each client, which will allow quick tracking if anything happens.

They don’t even have to read this information. You can just send it, and then they can access it if needed.

3. Don’t Share Your Schedule with Strangers

Doesn’t matter if you are just making small talk; you should never share your schedule details with unknown signers. For instance, you should never tell a client it’s your last signing, and you are going home afterward. Or that you’re going to a specific location.

4. Always Keep Your Phone Charged

Having your phone charged is vital, as it can help you quickly call for help in the case of an emergency. You can invest in a good portable charger so that your phone never goes off on you. Phones also have navigation systems that will prevent you from getting lost in unknown neighborhoods.

5. Always Keep a Safety Kit in Your Car

Pack a safety kit with emergency supplies such as a first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, jacket, blanket, shelf-stable snacks, and water. You should also include snow chains and an ice scraper if you live in a cold area.

You can also keep pepper spray with you, although you probably won’t need it. 

6. Scan the Signing Location

When entering a signing location, you can do a quick scan and locate the possible exits. Select a seat near the door if possible.

Once again, the best signing locations are public places where you are surrounded by other people and feel comfortable.

7. Trust Your Gut

If something seems off, don’t be afraid to leave. It may feel awkward, but safety should be a priority. Better to lose a client than continue in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

You should also never argue with a client. Always try to deescalate the situation, and have a contact on a speed dial that can quickly resolve any questions you don’t know the answers to.