How Much Does It Cost to Employ a Mobile Notary Agency?

A mobile notary agency can help you reduce the costs of your real estate business. There are several ways a mobile notary can maximize cost-effectiveness for your business. But first, let’s see how much it costs to employ one.

Costs of Hiring a Mobile Notary

The first thing you need to consider is notary fees. They are regulated by each state and may vary by the type of document that requires notarization. 

Maximum notarial fees are set by each state. So, you can expect to pay from as low as $1 to tens and hundreds of dollars. They are usually billed per signature, which means that a single paper with 5 signatures will cost as much as 5 documents with a single signature on each. That’s why it’s important to consider this before employing a mobile notary. 

Mobile notaries are also allowed to charge travel fees to a designated signing location. These fees are also regulated by state law, but you should discuss them beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When you consider all costs, you can expect to pay $40 on average, with $5-$10 for each additional signature.

Mobile Notary Signing Agency

Is Hiring a Mobile Notary Agency Cost-Effective?

When you hire a mobile notary agency, your business can still save money despite paying service fees. That’s because this move saves you time you can direct at other aspects of your business. You won’t have to travel to a public notary to notarize everything, so you’ll also save on travel costs.

Some notary professionals can also help with the documentation and walk you through the process. This ensures that every paper is signed and sealed correctly, so you will avoid paying any fees and penalties. 

How to Find the Best Mobile Notary?

The Internet is an excellent place for finding mobile notary agencies. However, it is up to you to review and compare them and choose the best one. If you are unsure how to do this, Integrity Singers is an excellent choice with proven experience and competitive costs. Schedule a signer with us today and let us help you with your notarial needs.