Can a Mobile Notary Give Out Legal Advice?

Mobile notaries play an important role in executing documents related to real estate planning, mortgages, and car loans. To do so, a mobile notary must be familiar with the laws, regulations, rights, and obligations of all parties involved. 

Because of that, you may be tempted to ask for legal advice. But, keep in mind that there are limitations to what mobile notaries can and cannot do.

Duties of a Mobile Notary

The primary obligation of a mobile notary is to verify the identity of a person signing a document. They also need to make sure that the person is signing under free will. So, in a nutshell, a mobile notary is an independent third-party that guarantees that all signatures are valid.

Now, a loan signing agent is a public notary who is more involved in executing mortgage and real estate documents. They can assist any involved parties by reviewing documentation and verifying that signatures, initial, and dates are according to state laws and regulations.

It’s important to understand this distinction to find and employ the right notary professional who can assist you with proper document execution.

Mobile Notary Signing Agency

Legal Advice Limitations

Each state regulates mobile notaries’ status and duties and what they can and cannot do. Any action that requires interpreting laws, exercising judgment, suggesting forms and direction and other forms of legal advice can be considered the unauthorized practice of law. That’s, of course, if a mobile notary is not a licensed attorney.

The problem with this is that mobile notaries work with legal documents all the time, and there is a fine line between legal and unauthorized actions. For instance, a mobile notary can explain the difference between the two documents but cannot suggest which one you should choose.

How to Find a Competent Mobile Notary

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