Mobile Notary vs. Loan Signing Agent – Is There a Difference?

The real estate industry includes a lot of paperwork. You need to be careful and submit everything correctly to avoid any additional fees and delays that will lower your revenue. Some title agencies decide to hire professional help to make this process go smoothly.

If you’ve tried to hire somebody to take care of your paperwork, you might have encountered that your options include mobile notaries and loan signing agents. While some people don’t differentiate between those two entities, they do have significant differences.

What Is a Mobile Notary?

Mobile notaries travel to a location and perform notarial services on the spot. They serve as an independent third-party that guarantees that everything goes according to protocol and that all signatures are authentic.

What Is a Loan Signing Agent?

A loan signing agent is a notary public who also witnesses the signing of documents. However, they are more equipped to walk you through a loan signing process that requires over 100 pages of multiple loan documents, needed signatures, initials, and dates.

This process can be overwhelming, which is why loan signing agents are specifically trained to offer clarification and walk you through it. Their status is regulated by each state, and they often need to go through additional training and certifications after becoming a public notary. Remember that they still need to do notary services, as the loan signing process requires so.

What Are the Differences?

As you can see, a loan signing agent can walk a customer through the whole loan signing process, and they know exactly where each signature, date, and initials go on each document. Even the slightest mistake can lead to delayed funding, escrow penalties, rate lock extensions, and lost commissions.

Another difference is service fees. Mobile notaries usually charge for their services per signature, while loan signing agents charge flat fees for their service.

The Signature Experience

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