How to Market Your Mobile Notary Services

Mobile notaries are always looking for more clients. If you want your business to grow, you need to find more customers, and the best way is to find title companies and agencies that can provide a continuous flow of work. However, when your marketing budget is low, that can be challenging.

Luckily, there are creative ways you can get more clients without spending too much on advertising. Read on to discover how to market your mobile notary services without breaking the bank. 

Word of Mouth

If you ask the busiest mobile notaries where they get their clients, you’ll learn that the majority comes from referrals from their old or existing clients. It’s truly the simplest way to get more customers, but you need to be proactive to receive a referral.

Firstly, you’ll need to do a great job. So, you want to maintain a professional appearance, meet all of your client’s needs, and do the job quickly. That way, you increase the chances of the same person calling you next time they need a mobile notary. 

However, you need to do more if you want your clients to refer you to others. The best way is to simply ask them to recommend you to other people if they are satisfied with your service. Most clients will be happy to do that.

After a successful notarization, always give a business card to your client in case they have additional questions or need notarial services in the future. 

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a cheap and effective way to get more customers, which is why it is a must-have for any modern-day business. If you don’t know anything about websites, social media, and how to market yourself online, you should seek help from a professional. 

The main idea is to create a website where you can advertise your services and post testimonials from satisfied clients. You’ll probably need help setting it up, but affordable solutions for website creation are available. You don’t need anything fancy, just a few pages talking about your services, contact information, fees, the areas you cover, and testimonials.

You can create a blog section explaining the notarization process and how mobile notaries work. That way, when people search for specific terms online, they may click on your blog post, which will take you to your website, where they can schedule your services.

In addition, you should join online notary signing agent directories, especially your local ones. Create listings on each one, which should help you get more clients.

Traditional Marketing

Although online marketing should be your focus, some traditional marketing methods can bring results too. Things like billboards, bench ads, radio ads, and local newspaper ads can all bring you more business. Phone book ads are the best option for mobile notaries who are just starting.

Social Media

In addition to website and web listings, you can create profiles on all social media platforms. Share notary tips, anecdotes, news, pictures, and other exciting things that can increase your following and get more customers in.

Join an Established Mobile Notary Agency

If your marketing strategies are not producing desired results, you can join a proven mobile notary agency like Integrity Signers. That way, you can get access to clients in your area without having to advertise your services. Click here to become a part of our network of mobile notaries.