Employing a Mobile Notary in Houston, Texas

2019 was a record year for Houston’s real estate market. It’s interesting that despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price drops, the growing trends haven’t stopped. The median home price continues to rise, and the number of sales is reaching new highs.

Title agencies and other real estate companies have found themselves looking for valuable help to work through this high demand. Hiring a mobile notary agency can be one of the solutions.

How a Mobile Notary Can Help Your Business

There are several benefits to employing a mobile notary agency. They include:

Nationwide Support

Mobile notary agencies work with agents in multiple states. That allows you to hire them for out of state and long-distance deals instead of traveling to sign documents yourself. They will notarize every signature and make sure that all protocols are followed. Meanwhile, you can continue focusing on your business.

Cutting Costs

Mobile notaries usually have fees that are based on the number of signatures required. However, you can save a lot on travel costs by employing a mobile notary, since you won’t have to travel to the client’s location.

You Can Focus on What’s Important

When you leave bureaucracy to mobile notaries, you can focus on other aspects of your business. Mobile agents are fully professional, which can additionally strengthen the relationship with your clients.


Mobile notaries are well versed in real estate document signing. They will notarize your business transactions, make sure that all documentation is valid, and that all regulations are followed. This accuracy prevents any delays, additional fees, and fines.

How to Find a Mobile Notary in Houston, Texas?

Google is your best friend, so an online search would be the best way to find a mobile notary in Houston. This allows you to check other people’s reviews and compare different companies.

Integrity Signers is one of the mobile notary agencies with long experience in notarizing real estate transactions in Houston, Texas. Schedule a signer today, and see the level of professionalism, accuracy, and care we offer to every client.